Facial and body treatments

Step into the world of CARITA...

Put your beauty in the hands of your CARITA beauty therapist. The magic touch of her hands is the essential ingredient for comforting, beautifying and toning. From the experts at the house of beauty, Carita beauty treatments combine Rénovateur - a unique exfoliating care - with specific 'Sculpting' techniques, and highly effective products that will deliver exceptional results.

Facial Treatments

Essential Rénovateur Hydration

To revitalise the skin it is first gently prepared by the Rénovateur treatment, which eliminates dead skin cells de the epidermis. Next, expert hands perform a "sculpting" massage to activate the benefits of the Gel and the Serum, Mask and Cream created de Polynesian Lagoon water. The skin is perfectly moisturised, refreshed and revitalized. The complexion is illuminated. Fine lines caused by dehydration are smoothed.

Essential Rénovateur Softness

This treatment soothes, reduces the risk of irritation, and eliminates dead skin cells de the epidermis, leaving your skin soft and refined. The Masque de coton and the Sérum de coton are applied to the skin, leaving it soothed and rebalanced to more effectively resist aggression.

Essential Rénovateur Anti-aging

Rénovateur clarifies the complexion. Then, beginning at the neckline, your Beauty Therapist expertly works her way up in a long "sculpting" massage that erases signs of fatigue. While specially designed micro-masks are applied to the eye contours and the lips to smooth fine lines and brighten the skin, your therapist gives you a relaxing hand massage, which is a pure delight! Your complexion becomes transparent and luminous.

Full Body Treatments

"Peau de Satin" Rénovateur

This treatment begins with an exfoliation of the entire body. Then a gentle massage brings moisture, nourishment and firmness to restore the skin's original beauty.

Revitalizing Body Rénovateur

To prepare the skin, the epidermis is carefully exfoliated. Next, the therapist delicately wraps the body with a mixture of essential minerals to help restore the skin's vitality. While the active ingredients are released into the skin's cells, the face is gently smoothed using small cold stones. Then, the body surrenders completely to the heat of a hot stone massage that melts away tensions...a moment of pure relaxation. (Offered only at the spa)

Éclat Volume Hair Treatment

A complete treatment for the full scalp and hair with Volumising Radiance Mask and Shampoo.


Facial Carita

60 min 90 min
Essential Rénovateur Hydration (dehydrated skin) $140
Essential Rénovateur Softness (sensitive skin) $140
Essential Rénovateur Anti-aging $150
Essential Rénovateur Hydration and foot pampering $210
Essential Rénovateur Softness and foot pampering $210
Essential Rénovateur Anti-aging and foot pampering $220
Éclat Volume Hair Treatment $35 for 15 minutes

Carita Body Treatments

60 min 90 min
"Peau de satin" Rénovateur $175
Revitalizing Body Rénovateur $230

The magic touch of her hands is the essential
ingredient for comforting, beautifying and toning.

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